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Your unforgettable journey starts here.…. We plan, you enjoy….
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  • Why Inkasaire Journeys?
  • The idea for Inkasaire Journeys started in 2010. At this time the founders of Inkasaire began working in the hospitality and tourism industry in Cusco, Peru.

    They chose this career to help them share their knowledge and love for the culture and natural beauty of Cusco and Peru, with all the tourists and travelers he encountered on their visits to the Land of the Incas. While working as a tour guide, they used to take travelers to out-of-the-way places not often visited by people on holiday in Peru. He took them to local villages, invited them to eat the traditional food of the Andean people, had them observe the daily life of rural families and even gave them the unique opportunity culturally immerse with traditional families.


    The response of those very first travelers provided the impetus for imagining a new way of travel and cultural interaction that has shape the character of Inkasaire Journeys. They would talk about realizing how amazing and surprising the many-layered culture, people and places of Peru were. They had come from faraway lands to see something unique and different and discovered an experience that was like living in a richly fascinating new world.

    This led to the magical moment, when it was decided to share our services, traditions and culture to all travelers from around the world to witness and participate in Peruvian culture.

    Inkasaire Journeys is based in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. This is located in the traditional rural area named Huycho, part of the Province of Urubamba.

    Locals from this region were trained to receive foreign travelers and be a part of their journeys throughout Cusco. After some rewarding first experiences, it was realized that our guest-travelers enjoyed the specially designed services provided by local staff. So, we extended our business through not only offering unique traditional accommodation, but also providing a wide range of services with local transportations, guided tours, assistance with flights, trains, tourist tickets, etc. All of these operations would be managed by friendly, experienced local staff.

    In order to better understand how to provide exceptional services to our travelers, two of our managers have degrees in International Tourism and Hospitality Management and work experiences in Australia, USA, Japan and Peru. Together with a group of traditional families eager to share and explain the customs, history, and culture of our Inca ancestors we invite our visitors to a pleasant and rewarding stay in our traditional homes. Empowered with a wide understanding and knowledge to enhance the cultural experience of each traveler, we feel we can make each of our guests feel like a VIP, Very Inka Person from the first moment you contact to us till a “See you again soon” at the airport.

    Do you want to become a Very Inca Person (VIP)? Let us organize an unforgettable journey that will give you memories you will treasure for a lifetime.

  • Our main base is located in the fertile village of Huycho, within the Province of Urubamba, Peru. It is located to 68 km (42 miles) from Cusco city, and at 2857 meters above sea level (9,373 feet), which is part of the famous Sacred Valley of the Incas. Located an hour and a half from Cusco city airport, and three hours from Machupicchu, which is considered as one of wonders of the world and one of the most in famous tourist destinations in South America and to visit in lifetime. The location is perfect in terms of weather, and it is highly recommended for our visitors to start in this point in order to avoid the altitude sickness, called soroche in Quechua (Inca Language) as to enjoy the rest of their journeys.



  • Passionate for creating unforgettable Journeys

    We provide unique services to our visitors by being real, friendly, service focused, committed, and fully in touch with the INKASAIRE values. We do this to make the travelers truly enjoy their journeys without any worries. We love a laugh and a good story.


    Our main representatives have studied tourism and Hospitality in some countries. They are fully qualified to provide a fantastic service, and satisfy all needs of visitors from a range of nationalities. Inkasaire staff provides the best experience guaranteed, in your journey to Cusco, Peru. You can relax in the comfort of knowing you’re in the best of hands.

    Local Staff

    The staff at Inkasaire are local to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, and know our lands, traditions and culture extremely well. It is a great honor for Inkasaire staff to take you into the Inkas´ world, and the amazing destinations around both the Cusco region and Peru.

    Eco – Tour Operator

    Inkasaire Journeys has an eco-friendly attitude, and is committed to protecting the environment while touring Cusco region and Peru. We are also a part of tree plantation projects in many different rural areas.

    Inkasaire Values
    Inkasaire staff live, serve and work daily with the following values:



    Social Responsibility
    Inkasaire Journeys is identified with the progress of the local villages in need of social and economic development in Cusco region by providing with medicines, food, school supplies and cultural exchange with the visitors from different countries who want to help. Also, we trained them to become part of our organization. We are the first ones who organize photos of you with the typical clothes of the Andes. Every time you rent or purchase the typical clothes for your amazing photos with the tourist destinations while touring, you are helping to the local villages who are the ones who make them.


We are Specialists in Organizing Journeys to Machupicchu, Sacred Valley, Cusco and Peru.

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