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Welcome to Inkasaire Journeys Blog

We are one of the local Tour Operators in Cusco, Peru which organises customised journeys around Cusco by very friendly local staff.

We started operating in 2011, based in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Cusco. Every Inkasaire Journeys staff are in love with the Inkas’ heritage and are keen to take into these mystery Inka destinations. It is your turn to experience about the heart of the Sacred Valley.

Some of you might have some questions, what is customised journeys and why is customised? There you go!

What is customised journeys? YOU are the one who pick up any journey that you’d like to go for and we are the one who organise it according to your plans you give us. We are going to fit in your journeys, and any request in a professional way.

Why customised journeys? Time is limited and there are so many things to do in Peru. Why not you create your own journeys and do your way with Inkasaire Journeys!!

There is a huge difference between customised and package in terms of schedule, price, tour guide, etc. We just want to be flexible in your requests at any range.

Actually, this idea of customised journeys is coming up by me J, writer of this blog, Mizue. You’ve would probably realized I am Japanese.

My first trip to Peru was in 2015. Since then, I back to Cusco Peru every year and it became one of my favourite countries in the world. What did I difficult when I arrived to Peru the first time? Literally “Everything” (I will be honest).

Face to the difficulty of culture, food, public tourism system, attitude and many more.

If it is customised journeys, do your journeys/tours in your own space. I will tell you it is going to be so much helpful and easy in your journey to Peru. Also, Inkasaire private local guides is always beside you to support not matter what happens. Not a worry, they speak both, English and Spanish.

Come along with Inkasaire Journeys!! Make your journeys memorable and unforgettable. Live another life. Any enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us on… Ciao.